Independent Review

Innovator who refused to take ‘no’ for an answer

The legacy of a singular man who helped transform the nation as a member of the first generation of ‘Free Irishmen” is set out in a fine new book…

Paul Melia

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Limerick Leader Review

He did this state a great service

New biography on the legendary Brendan O’Regan (1917-2008) should be compulsary reading for all our politicians and all those aspiring to high office in the public service and state and semi-state agencies.

Norma Prendiville for Limerick Leader

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Irish Times (Magazine)

Book is both a history of the economic development of the mid-West as well as a biography

During my interviews with the late T.K. Whitaker, the objectives of his visionary blue-print Economic Development published in 1958 were, as he told me, mainly taken on board, not by private industry as might be expected, but “by a group of genuine entrepreneurs who regarded what they were asked to do as a privilege and who never betrayed that trust”.

Anne Chambers for Irish Times The Ticket Magazine

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Irish Examiner (Newspaper)


‘He did as much to modernise Ireland as Sean Lemass’ says Ryle Dwyer

Ryle Dwyer

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Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review

Throughout the entire reading of this book, I was particularly struck by the extraordinary energy and goal-driven focus of Brendan O’Regan, a man who might have ended up as a good and attentive but ultimately forgettable country solicitor (an early consideration of his), but who instead became and remains a very memorable man of Clare, who has left a remarkable legacy for his home county and for his country in a least three distinct and apparently unrelated fields.

James Sexton

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Limerick Post Review

The Man who made Shannon a success is brought to book

Tom McCullough

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St Vincent de Paul Magazine, SVP Bulletin


A Life Long Influence

Does experience as a young member of the Society help to form ones thinking on social issues and influence one’s response to these issues in later life?

Larry Tuomey

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